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When purchasing a new home or refinancing an existing mortgage, do you know what transpires from the time of application to the day of settlement? At Elevate Title Agency, we realize your home is your most valuable asset. We understand the stress associated with purchasing or refinancing a home and are available to answer any questions or concerns you may have regarding your settlement. Our staff of dedicated professionals will guide you through the entire process and will assure that you are protected against adverse title claims or risks long after your settlement.

Title Insurance

Protecting the interests of both property owners and mortgage lenders on residential and commercial resale, new construction, and refinance transactions.

Escrow Services

Handling the transfer of funds and related documents from one party to another. It is essential that all conditions of the sale are met before the property and money change hands.

Closing Services

Whether it’s a purchase or refinance, residential or commercial, we will meet your needs and exceed your expectations. Our experienced professionals work with you to handle every detail from start to finish.

Title Search

Critical property data is included in addition to the property title history, ownership records, property characteristics, property taxes, liens, permits, and more!

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